Relationship Counseling

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Spiritual Unification Institute Of AWIP offers the most comprehensive counseling services.

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Relationship Counseling

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Our personalized approach to counseling will help you grow as a couple.

Relationships are hard work. Humans are social animals, but we aren’t always adept at living successfully with others. It can be difficult to mesh ideals, personalities, and values. Our relationship counseling services are available to couples in all stages of relationships. We never suggest waiting until you are married to take part in couples counseling.

There are a myriad of benefits to relationship counseling:

• Communication Skills - Communication is not simply talking. Communication is also listening, understanding, and replying. If you do not have the right skills, you will quickly find that your relationship suffers. Our caring counselors can guide you towards the development of positive communication skills.

• Conflict Resolution - One of the biggest problems couples face is the resolution of conflict. It’s a fact of life that every couple argues from time to time. The key is to argue with compassion and caring. An argument that turns hurtful is of no help to your relationship.

• Cognitive Skills - Are your partner’s habits annoying, or is your perception of those habits the real issue? We can help you understand your thought processes and how those processes may be contributing to the way you feel about your partner.

• Consequences - We often say and do things without first thinking of the consequences. Through relationship counseling, you will be given the tools that you need to understand the possible repercussions of your words and actions.

Every relationship can use work; it’s the nature of relationships. No one is perfect but, together, you can learn how to walk through life hand-in-hand instead of far apart. We are here to help you navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of relationships. Contact Spiritual Unification Institute Of AWIP in San Francisco, CA for relationship counseling!