Post Traumatic Trauma

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Post Traumatic Trauma

We provide services in this difficult time on line, the barriers such as natural disasters or pandemics can make it more difficult for patients and providers to travel to receive and provide session’s in-person. Telehealth may also be preferred because it is more convenient and is more confidential in the sense that no one will see the person coming in for treatment.

Everyone responds to trauma in different ways. Some people keep it in, becoming quietly on edge, often for many years. Others develop anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior, phobia, or mood swings. You are not at fault for these symptoms, as they are part of a chemical effect trauma has on the brain. In healing the effects of trauma, we will integrate spirituality and empathy to determine your triggers while helping you process the event and your reactions through discussion and personal exercises. In most instances, trauma can be healed without medication, and we will give you the tools needed to work through the problem, the difficulties, and regain control of your life and emotions. If you are dealing with post traumatic trauma in San Francisco, CA, meet with the counselors at Spiritual Unification Institute of AWIP.
We heal all levels of trauma in patients of all ages in a caring, compassionate atmosphere.

Traumatic events can happen in anyone’s life. They are not prejudiced against age, education, or any other factors. Anything from the loss of a pet to the loss of a child or significant other can trigger feelings of shock, and it can be difficult to process them on your own. At Spiritual Unification Institute of AWIP, we will use our personalized approach to counseling to help with your post traumatic trauma. Trauma is not limited to military personnel, though we help take care of our service members daily. If you have endured any of the following events or anything like them, it would be best to speak with one of our caring counselors:

• Isolation
• Dealing with a loved one’s Addiction
• Physical, Sexual, or Verbal Abuse
• Divorce or Breakup​and ect.

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